Fragrances can be toxic!

Did you know ‘fragrance’ can be very toxic!

I’m referring to product ingredients that list fragrance on the back.

❗️Your lotions
❗️Your face creams
❗️Your make up
❗️Your other personal care items
❗️Your Hair products
❗️Your cleaning products
❗️Your pet care items
❗️Your car cleaning products
❗️Your toilet paper
❗️Your tissues

The list goes on…..


Why would fragrance be toxic? Isn’t it natural?

After you watch the documentary, STINK available on Netflix, you’ll totally understand it’s simply a marketing technique to hide over 100’s of chemicals.
This shit is sad! Really SAD!

❗️Is this a contribution to why so many people I know are chronically sick??????

🌟It’s ok, we have a solution!

Slowly swap out your products to natural options that DO NOT list fragrance in the ingredients.
I now make my own products using a few clean ingredients and my essential oils as the aroma, or I use some of the pre-made products I can order on my doTERRA account

🌟Here’s your first step.

Throw out your possibly toxic candles and use a diffuser with our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

Reach out to me if you would like more tips or to get started with oils.
Kara x

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