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About me

My Story


I’m Kara, an oil addict, fur baby mum, vegan advocate and an entrepreneur.

I attended a DoTERRA workshop back in 2014 hoping to find some relaxing oils to help with my stress and sleep issues. I ended up learning how these oils could help me with more, so I joined with one of the starter kits.

I’ve now created healthy daily habits using these oils to support many areas in my life and I want to share them. Also, on my page I love to share other wellness ideas we can all incorporate.

Using these natural tools to support my stress, sleep, emotions, skin care, in natural cleaning, I see a new direction for my life. A few years passed and I’m now running my own business helping others use oils as a natural solution.

You don’t need to be fixated on health, be a hippie or be female to use essential oils!

Feel free to carry your pharmaceuticals in your bag. I simply want to inspire you to use something natural where it suits you.

You can start with 1 oil and use this for your goals, or start with a starter kit and reset your life with some natural solutions. It’s totally up to you and I’m here to help.

Kara x